Croft Woodland Project

Woodland creation support in the Western Isles 2016 – 2020

The Croft Woodland Project, which runs until June 2020, has been active in the Western Isles since January 2016. Project Officer Viv Halcrow is working with crofters and other interested parties to help people plant trees, which will deliver many benefits in the years to come. These benefits include shelter (for livestock and buildings), woodfuel for the fire, wildlife habitat and landscape diversity.  There has been a lot of interest in the project, with 40 schemes delivered (ranging in area from 0.1 hectare to 3 ha) and over 40,000 trees planted (schemes having between 300 and 9000 trees). Most of the schemes are small, and this seems appropriate in the crofting landscape.

Where are the trees being planted?

The maps below show the type of schemes which have been planted, and the number of trees planted, up to May 2018. Click to see the images in full.

Background on the project

In 2016, the Woodland Trust teamed up with Point and Sandwick Trust to offer free advice and support, and assistance with grant applications within the Western Isles, under the Croft Woodland Project (CWP). The CWP is active throughout all the crofting counties, and in the Western Isles the project officer is Viv Halcrow, who is based in the Point and Sandwick Trust office.

Funding and free advice available

If you are interested in planting trees, please contact Viv directly on the details below and she will help with advice, designing your scheme and accessing funding. In addition to individual schemes and those on common grazings, schools and community groups can access Free Trees packs through the project. Alternatively click to view or download our PDF file for further information – Western Isles Woodland Creation 2016-2020 


Landline: 0343 770 5856

Mobile: 07876 217034

Woodland creation support in the Western Isles 2016 – 2020


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