Guidance Notes For Grant Applications

Please read the Guidance Notes carefully.

You will find information telling you the projects that qualify for grant assistance, the different levels of grant assistance available, and the processes that are required to be followed.

To register your interest in applying for a grant, please email giving a brief description of your proposed project.  To receive an application form and guidance note, you should also provide the name of the organisation you are applying for and a contact name, telephone number, and email address.


Guide Notes for Grants (download word document 33kb)

Enquiry Email

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Point and Sandwick Trust

Point and Sandwick Trust’s objective is to promote the social, educational, cultural and environmental wellbeing of the people of the Western Isles and in particular the residents of the areas known as Point and Sandwick Community Council Areas* by all or any of the following means –

The promotion of community development, including rural regeneration, following principles of sustainable development, where “sustainable development” means development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs;

The provision of assistance to people who are disadvantaged by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial or other disadvantage;

The promotion of education, including all forms of training for work and life skills;

The advancement of the arts, culture and heritage, including support for the Gaelic arts and the protection of buildings and sites of architectural or historic importance;

The provision and support of recreational activities for the community, especially for disadvantaged or vulnerable groups, such as young people or the disabled;

The protection and enhancement of the natural heritage and environment;

The relief of poverty in such ways as may be thought fit.

All Grant applications should meet one or more of these objectives.

A limited number of projects outwith the Point and Sandwick area may qualify for grant aid at the discretion of the Point and Sandwick Trust’s Board provided the application meets the above criteria and provide benefit to the Point and Sandwick areas and the wider Western Isles Area.

Who can apply?

You can apply if your organisation is a –

Voluntary or community organisation (including if you are a registered charity or company, or a social enterprise) with a written governing document and at least three unrelated people on your governing body, or Community Council.


We will not accept applications from

  • Organisations that are yet to provide a satisfactory monitoring report for a project we have previously funded.
  • Organisations that are waiting for a decision on a previous application.
  • Individuals and sole traders.
  • Profit making organisation (including partnerships).
  • Non-departmental public bodies.
  • Branches where you do not control how you are run and how your money is spent.
  • Applications made by one organisation on behalf of another.
  • Applications from charities who wish to disburse grant aid to other charities or individuals.
  • Local directorates or Health Boards (or Statutory Bodies)

How do you apply?

You can apply by emailing or telephoning the PST Office (contact details as shown below) asking for a form to be sent to you.

Before you start to fill in the form

Make sure you read the Guidance Notes carefully.  This will give you advice on how to apply and how we will assess your application.

Completing the Form

Make sure you have answered every question and read your application before you send it to us.  We accept applications by email and by post to the address at the bottom of the page.

What are the grants for?

This grants programme is for organisations that provide or seek to provide activities or services that focus on any of the objectives outlined below.  Grants should be used for projects which address the issues, needs and aspirations of the communities of the Point and Sandwick Trust and the wider Western Isles community.  These outcomes are important in making a difference and projects will be assessed against these headings and it must be demonstrated that one or more outcome will be met to be considered for a grant.

What grants are available?

There are three levels of grants available.

Small Grants Fund – up to £1,000

This fund is for community organisations who wish to apply for revenue or capital funding grants to help with annual running costs.

Community Grant Fund from £1,000 up to £10,000

This fund is for community organisations who wish to carry out revenue or capital projects costing less than £10,000.

Community Development Fund- from £10,000

This fund is intended for more ambitious community projects, either revenue or capital, which will make a significant impact in delivering the objectives outlined in the Point and Sandwick Trust’s Community Development Plan. Projects seeking grant funding at this level will be expected to secure funding from other sources, will be expected to demonstrate community support, and provide a competent business plan and or feasibility study.

How will our application be assessed?

Grants must have clear and measurable outcomes that meet the Point and Sandwick Trust objectives as set out above.

Assessment of applications will be based on the following criteria as well as the ability to deliver outcomes that will meet the objectives set out above.

  • Clear outcomes
  • Provides Value for Money
  • Shows strong evidence of need
  • Avoids duplication of service
  • Supports the involvement of the wider community
  • Fits with PST strategic objectives

Is there anything that will not be funded?


PST will not fund:

  • Activities that are statutory obligations or will replace statutory funding
  • Activities on the curriculum in schools or that take place during curriculum hours. Projects should take place outside of school hours, unless you can provide us with a good reason in your application why this is not possible.
  • Anything you start, spend money on or agree to spend money on before we confirm our funding.
  • Building, refurbishment or landscaping work where you don’t own the land or building or have a lease that cannot be brought to an end by the landlord for at least five years.
  • Work on land or a building that requires planning permission which isn’t in place.
  • Items that only benefit one person or household.
  • Items/activities that benefit people living outside of the Western Isles.
  • Loans, interest payments, general appeals, endowments or activities to raise funds for your organisation.
  • New staff posts or existing staff costs that are already being funded (we can pay for sessional staff to deliver short term activities and existing staff to carry out project-related activities additional to their current role, where they are the most appropriate people to deliver these.
  • Projects, activities or staff costs that do not represent good value for money.
  • Registration or affiliation fees for existing clubs.
  • Used vehicles.
  • VAT you can recover.


  • Due to safety and child protection issues we will only fund some sports activities if they are delivered by an organisation which is affiliated to the relevant national governing body. For example we won’t fund a youth group to purchase archery or canoeing equipment but we would fund them to take part in activities delivered by an affiliated archery or canoeing organisation which has qualified instructors and the relevant insurance in place. It is the responsibility of the organisation applying (ie, you) to make sure that the organisation delivering the activity is appropriately qualified and insured. Sportsscotland provide information on sports governing bodies at -bodies-for-scotland-and-the-uk

What are the deadlines for applications?

There are no closing dates for applications.  Applications will be accepted throughout the year.  However, it is recommended that you submit your application at least four months before you want your project to start to give us time to assess it, tell you our decision and pay the grant if you are successful.

What happens when?

You can apply at any time but we should receive your application at least four months before commencement of your project to give us time to assess it, tell you our decision, and start your grant if successful.

Your application will be acknowledged by email if an address is provided or by letter if not.

If we offer you funding we will send your named contact a conditional grant offer in the post, to the address you provide at Question 1 which has to be signed and returned to us within 28 days of the date of the letter.

We also need you to return a copy of your organisation’s constitution or set of rules.

We will also email you a bank details form to provide the details of the account you want any funding paid into. You should email this back to us. Voluntary and community organisations which have their own bank account also need to provide a copy of a bank statement for the account.

When we have everything back from you and checked it we will let you know when you will receive our funding if you are successful and you can start your project.

You must keep all original receipts or invoices relating to your project as we may ask to see them at any time. We may also visit you to check how the grant has been spent.

If your application is unsuccessful we will tell you why. You should only apply again for the same project if you can make a much stronger case. If you send us the same application again it is unlikely to be successful.

How does the claim process work?

For grants up to £10,000, there is no claims process as your grant will be paid out in one lump sum if you are awarded funding.  We will send you a letter of offer, two copies of our terms and conditions and a bank details form.  When they have been signed and one copy has been returned to us we will then pay out the grant via bank transfer.  At the end of your project, you will be sent a project completion form and this should be completed and you should enclose original receipts/invoices to evidence expenditure.

For grants in excess of £10,000 grant claims will be processed in four equal payments as the project progresses, further details will be included in the offer of grant letter.

How will the grant be paid out?

We will pay your grant by bank transfer (BACS).  We will not make payments into personal bank accounts and the grant can only be paid to the organisation named in the grant notification letter.

You must let us know as soon as possible if the timescales for your project change and if the project is not going to go ahead in the agreed timescales we may ask you to return your grant.  We ask for this as we may be able to use it support another organisation that is ready at the time.  This would not stop you from reapplying when you are ready.

What are the conditions of grant award?

If your organisation has been awarded a grant you must agree to our standard grant conditions.  A letter of offer will be sent to organisations if they are awarded a grant, along with a document outlining the conditions of the grant award.  You must read this document carefully, sign it and return it retaining a copy for your own records.

If you would like to see a copy of our conditions of grant prior to applying please get in touch and we can see them to you.

Help with your application

If you need help or have any questions about completing this form please contact

Point and Sandwick Trust.  Contact details are below.