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Land Raid Monument Point

Land Raid Memorial Cairn Point

All electors living in the Point and Sandwick areas are invited to join the Point and Sandwick Trust. There is no membership fee or any membership obligations. All members are entitled to vote for the Board of the Trust at the Annual General Meeting.

The Point and Sandwick Trust is a registered charity with the aim of promoting the social, cultural and environmental welfare of the people of Point and Sandwick in particular, and the people of the Western Isles more generally.

The Trust has set up its own trading company, Point and Sandwick Power, which has planning consent for 3 community turbines at Beinn Ghrideag.

These 3 turbines will earn £25 Million in net income over the next 25 years – an average of £1 Million a year. Every penny of that will be given to the Trust to achieve the charity’s aims.

These turbines are yours – they belong 100% to the community.

Please show your support by signing up as a member today!

“Yes, I wish to join the Point and Sandwick Trust and have my say in its plans for the future”

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 The seagulls checking out the completed turbine at T3.
March 2015

Seagulls at the new turbine

Seagulls at the new turbine.