Beinn Ghrideag Wind Farm, Britain’s largest Community Windfarm on the Isle of Lewis has been constructed over a 9 month period. We illustrate this process by dividing the works into five distinct phases.

  • Ground Works
  • Base Construction
  • Delivery and Transport
  • Turbine Erection
  • Completion

The first two phases ran concurrently from August to December 2014.  Then came the Christmas and New Year Holidays and a bleak January, before the arrival of two ships with the turbine parts on the 12th February 2015 at Arnish pier. The next two phases also ran concurrently as turbine parts were gradually delivered and erected on site between February and May 2015.  The construction work was greatly affected by what seemed like endless Atlantic depressions arriving one after another. Turbine parts generally weigh around 60 tonnes and lifting these safely high up into the sky requires calm conditions.  Nevertheless the main construction work was completed on a Glorious Friday May 1st 2015!

Erecting the First Turbine