What we do

Point and Sandwick Trust is a charitable organisation that funds and supports development of community projects in its villages on the Isle of Lewis, and the wider Western Isles. Funding managed by the Trust is gifted entirely from the profit created by ownership and operation of the Beinn Ghrideag community wind farm.

The Trust is governed by our Constitution which outlines identified means to promote community well-being and is in line with our extensive community consultation, carried out in 2012 and 2013. Application for funding is open to all voluntary groups or community organisations, and project specific partnerships that are assessed against the criteria of our Constitution.

Every year, we fund and support organisations and projects of all sizes and are committed to achieving positive change for individuals and communities on our doorstep and across the Western Isles. As well as donations to community projects, we offer a consultation service to community groups. We offer time and support to groups interested in developing their own projects so rather than just handing out money, we are helping to foster innovation and ideas in the community.

Support for the local area, and the wider Western Isles

New pier for Portnaguran

Portnaguran pier funded by Point and Sandwick Trust


New disability bikes for Connor at Sgoil an Rubha

Five year rolling sponsorship to keep Piping competition in Stornoway

Five year rolling sponsorship for Stornoway Piping Competition

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