About our logo

Our logo shows the Aignish Land Raid monument on the Braighe isthmus which connects Point and Sandwick on the Isle of Lewis (pictured below).

This award-winning monument commemorates the 1881 Aignish Land Raid and represents the confrontation between the local crofters and their families and the armed Marines and police sent to stop them. This was one of a number of crofter raids of landed estates across the Highlands and Islands which led eventually to Gladstone’s 1886 Crofting Act and which gave crofters security of tenure and which regulates crofter-landlord relations to this day.

As a Trust, we couldn’t be more proud to have built and now operate Beinn Ghrideag wind farm on the land that the crofters fought for, to the benefit of all in the community. The Gaelic phrase, Coimhearsnachdan Comhla means simply, Communities Together.

Aignish Land Raid monument